Hello, I'm Stephen Wenzel. I started photography in 2015 as a high school freshman because I was curious about the species of wildlife and plants in the Great Smoky Mountains. My passion for exploring the outdoors drove me to begin capturing the landscapes that I came across.

However, the exploring did not stop with nature. I was curious about the diversity of the world, and the first place I thought of capturing this diversity was through Folkmoot, an organization that fosters the vibrancy of many cultures into one community. Folkmoot programs are based on cultural exchange and designed to build global relationships, foster cultural understanding and develop community prosperity. They host a yearly international dance festival with countries representing their culture through their folk dances.

Folkmoot is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on the donations of their supporters. I make an annual donation of 15% of the proceeds from my nature photography to the Folkmoot organization.